Making a Difference

Romando Nash

Associate Vice President for Student Services
San Jose State University

I’ve always appreciated the tremendous benefits that the ACUHO-I Foundation provided me as a professional. From winning a “Best of Award” to participating as faculty for NHTI and STARS, to providing content for the Talking Stick, the ACUHO-I Foundation provides avenues for creative and inquisitive Housing and Residence Life professionals to shape the future of our profession and student affairs.

Investing in You

Joanne Goldwater


Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life
St. Mary's College of Maryland

As a proud member of ACUHO-I for 28 years and a "seasoned" veteran in the housing/residence life profession, I give to the ACUHO-I Foundation. I started giving in the early 90s (that seems sooooo long ago!) and have continued to do so each year. What I have gotten from ACUHO-I has been a network of colleagues and friends, new ideas that we have implemented in our department, information and skills that helped make me knowledgeable and marketable, and incredibly rich professional development and leadership opportunities. I can't put a price tag on everything that I have gained from our professional housing association.

David Clurman

Assistant Director, Residential Education
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

It was not until I attended my first ACUHO-I in 2003 that I began to see the work that the Foundation did first hand when I interacted with undergraduate students who were taking part in the STARS College. Seeing them engage with professionals I saw the future of our profession – something that would not have been possible without the support of the Foundation. I now donate to the Foundation every year, whether it is at the annual MACUHO conference or the annual ACUHO-I conference.  The benefit that the Foundation provides to our profession is unquestioned and invaluable.  

Why I Invest

Rian Nostrum


Director/Residence Life
North Dakota State University

I give to the ACUHO-I Foundation because it provides me an opportunity to help fund future programs.  When I was an undergraduate student, I had an opportunity to complete an ACUHO-I Internship at Central Michigan University.  This job allowed me to round out my resume and helped me to be successful in seeking my first job after graduation... Without ACUHO-I, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  

Neeraj Sharma

WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems

ACUHO-I is genuine in the way its leaders seek out donors and thank them personally for their support. Nothing motivates me to give more as feeling appreciated and acknowledged for the support I provide. The culture ACUHO-I has created for the fraternity of vendors who give consistently could be used as a case study in how to seek loyal donors. Providing real life examples illustrated through  vehicles such as the Talking Stick showing how donations fund initiatives such as  scholarships or research key to the continued improvement of student housing has always validated my financial commitment to ACUHO-I.   

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