The ACUHO-I Foundation worked with the association to establish a research grant program to provide financing and association support to studies that address the association's research agenda priority areas. 

Grant proposals are being accepted until September 1, 2015 within the following research areas:

Public-Private Partnerships

Student Outcomes

Student Success


Through an 18-month process, ACUHO-I volunteers identified these key areas for research and data collection to guide members' efforts to provide quality residential learning experiences, facilities, and services. While this list could be broader, it is ACUHO-I's intent to limit focus to research on these areas at this time. In addition, ACUHO-I recognizes that research subjects' experiences differ based upon their social identities and applicants are encouraged to consider the impact of these identities when designing research studies.

ACUHO-I is excited to issue this call for grant proposals. By creating these research grants, ACUHO-I will team with interested faculty, practitioners, and graduate students to help address the critical research areas.

Accepted research grant proposals will receive grant funds up to $7,000 (USD). All grant funds will be used to support the proposed project and approval for expenses will be determined by ACUHO-I. Funding dollars will not include institutional overhead, course buyout or summer salary. 


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