M. Christopher MacDonald

Georgia Southern University
Executive Director | University Housing

The Foundation is one of the “absolute goods” we benefit from in ACUHO-I.  To some, the number of opportunities for housing professionals to engage in professional development has grown to where one might appear as valuable as the other.  However, there is none that has the potential impact and exposure as the Annual Conference and Exposition.  The Foundation promotes both simultaneously by recognizing superior programs and supporting participation through the “Best-of” Regional Awards program.  We are all diligent in recognizing our students and staff on our home campuses and communities; the Foundation tirelessly serves that role for our community, ACUHO-I.  To be honored by your colleagues, and supported by your Association is a fantastic feeling.  The Foundation helps make that possible.

Global Support




Dan Ocampo

Associate Director for Residential Life
University of the Pacific

ACUHO-I’s ongoing commitment to global education and partnerships would not be possible without the Foundation and members like you. As one of this year’s faculty for the ACUHO-I SAC Roelf Visser Student Housing Training Institute, I had the privilege of engaging with dedicated faculty and working with some amazing colleagues committed to a better future for higher education in South Africa. As the NACURH Advisor, I work with many talented young professionals who aspire to work in our field of student housing. It’s good to know that our future is bright, both here and abroad. Baie dankie. Ngiyabonga kakhulu. Ndiyabulela kakhulu. Ke a leboga. Thank you, ACUHO-I Foundation.

STARS College

Lindsay Seitz

STARS College Graduate

“It was an honor to participate in STARS College 2011. In just a few short days, I gained a better understanding of the field and felt more prepared to begin the graduate school search. I enjoyed the opportunity to form friendships with students from across the nation with similar interests and career goals. The STARS faculty members are an incredible resource. They were always willing to answer our questions and share their personal experiences. STARS College confirmed my desire to pursue a career in higher education and student affairs. Without a doubt, STARS College is one of my favorite college experiences.”  

Daniel Lacan-Bradley

STARS College Graduate

"There are very few opportunities that I have had in my young adult career that had such a large impact as the STARS program... Overall, I got to find out that there are such kind, fun, and just overall amazing people in the field of Student Affairs/Higher Education and I can say that STARS gave me one of the best experiences of my college career!” 

60 Individuals in the STARS COLLEGE 2014 Graduating Class:


I have wanted to attend the NHTI since I have become aware of it several years ago, but due to the Rand-Dollar unfavourable exchange rate, traveling abroad has become quite a challenge. My budget at the Centre for Student Communities needs to be used for the development of students and staff, and that was my main priority. However, I took the leap of faith and applied for the NHTI.  When I received notification that I will be getting the award, I was ecstatic! The reimbursement of the attendance fee greatly impacted the difference I can make at Stellenbosch University. I have more resources to work with and I am able to train more staff and students.

I view Student Housing as one of the key elements within university life and by equipping more South African professionals in this sphere to adequately deal with matter arising, will make a vital difference within the South African Student Housing Community. The knowledge I gained from the NHTI is being shared with my fellow colleagues at Stellenbosch University, as well as with other colleagues at different Universities nationwide, and it is impacting my work functioning significantly. Thank you very much for this award.






Dr. Munita Dunn

Stellenbosch University 
Deputy Director of the Centre for Student Communities

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