Help the ACUHO-I Foundation celebrate 25 years of NHTI by making a contribution to help support educational programs for current and future housing professionals.

Celebrating 25 Years

Help celebrate 25 years of NHTI and pay it forward to help ACUHO-I continue to fund meaningful educational opportunities for the next generation of campus housing professionals.

Make a donation today to help support ACUHO-I's educational programs. Your gift will help us fund critical professional development for campus housing professionals, and help support the association's educational mission. 

Southwest Contract/The Thompson Family will match donations up to a total of $50,000.


The James C. Grimm National Housing Training Institute (NHTI) has a rich history. Beginning in 1991, NHTI has served as a thorough professional development experience for less-experienced professionals looking to further their career in housing. Participants meet and interact with other colleagues, establish mentor relationships with experts in the field, develop professional development plans, and gain skills and competencies needed to meet the current and future demands of the profession.

Brian J. Kelley

NHTI Class of 2011

“NHTI was something I had known little about, with great support I became very excited. It was the BEST professional development experience I have yet to have with an organization - Thank you.”  

Tim Lempfert

NHTI Class of 2003

"A tremendous professional development opportunity which was transformative in my career!” 


The Thompson Family/Southwest Contract has been involved with NHTI for the past 22 years. We firmly believe that NHTI offers the best educational opportunity within ACUHO-I and have made it the single largest financial commitment of our family/company. We want the opportunity to be available for those unable to meet the financial requirements and it is our hope that our scholarship program and endowment program provides that assistance for those in need. Anyone that has been a part of the NHTI experience should make it their goal to support the ACUHO-I Foundation in whatever way possible so others have the same opportunities that were extended to them.

Lee Thompson, Sr.
Southwest Contract

Creating Connections

Koreen Kerfoot

NHTI Class of 2010

“I was at a crossroads unsure what to do, where to go, questioning a lot. NHTI enabled me to re-center and have a foundation to grow from.”  

Craig Allen

NHTI Faculty

"I never attended as a participant but was fortunate enough to be selected as a faculty member. It was such a great experience and created connections that have helped me for years.” 

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